To see the world is to embrace something that’s different from what you’re used to at home. Every destination has its own highlights, and every time you go out and travel you may bump into memorable experiences. Every kosher river cruise we offer is planned and structured with the guests in mind.

We make sure each and every tour is different from our past cruises. How the guest treasures every moment onboard is pretty much up to them. But in our dedication to being your guide in every aspect of the trip, here are some tips on how to make every trip more memorable.

Have an Open Mind

Traveling is not just an opportunity to see the world, it’s also a way to rewire your perception of it. As you travel, open up your mind to new cultures and experiences.

If you bump into something that raises your eyebrow, don’t be quick to dismiss it. Keep a cautious curiosity to these things. That’s just what the world is: unpredictably beautiful.

Moments Over Souvenirs

Memories may be linked to the possessions that we collect for ourselves, but there is no substitute for first-hand experiences.

The souvenir you bought during that one trip may get lost or collect dust as soon as you head home, but the day you helped create wine by stomping on grapes will certainly stay golden between you and your family for the rest of time.

This goes double for people who are tempted to document everything. Don’t travel just for the ‘gram, put down your phone, dive in there, and experience your trip in full. Moments cherished to the full make good memories.

Love the Unfamiliar

KRC is a celebration of Jewish culture and history and is the best way to spend your Jewish vacation. Apart from an immersive tour into Jewish heritage, our trips also offer a chance for you to get into bizarre and unfamiliar experiences.

Embracing the bizarre and unfamiliar is a great way to make every trip memorable. The whole point of placing yourself as far away from home as luxuriously possible is to experience things that are completely different from what you have at home.