Are you a bad at taking vacations? Do you avoid using your paid time off or have a hard time relaxing because all you think is work?

This article is what you need. Here are five important tips to make sure you’ll get recharged and re-energized at the end of your trip with us.

People who plan their vacation early are the happiest

They say that planning is the most daunting step whenever you go on a vacation. But that’s not entirely true especially if you’re going to take a vacation with us. Since we’ve already made the itinerary for you, all you need to do is to plan for yourself!

Check the weather, plan what to wear, create a playlist for your holiday, or familiarize yourself with the location if you want to do a DIY tour.



Do not be afraid to try new things

What makes a vacation more memorable?

It’s when you do things for the first time! So if you are planning to choose which river cruise destination you should take, might as well choose a destination that gives you an opportunity to try new things, see new sights, and discover new cultures. Every destination is unique here at Kosher River Cruise. Choose wisely!

Take in everything without using gadgets

Since we are living in a digital era, we are enticed to take as many photos as we can and that’s fine!

However, a research published in Sage Journals says that taking photos can actually impair memory. To avoid this effect, try to savor the moment and experience everything using your senses first before reaching for your camera.

Have an authority over your schedule

If you are one of those who can’t separate work from vacation here’s an important reminder: Take control of your schedule to avoid resentment in the end.

As much as possible, do not bring any work-related stuff like work laptops. Besides, while Wi-Fi may be free at Kosher River Cruise, it’s not guaranteed that the signal is consistent.

Here at Kosher River Cruise, we always make sure that you will have memorable kosher Europe tours. Browse our website to learn more about our kosher touring services, destinations and more.