France is famous for its sophisticated desserts. You will find pastries, or pâtisserie as they call it, such as eclairs, macarons, and choux à la crème in bakeries along the sidewalk. Pâtisserie is a kind of French or Belgian bakery that specializes in pastries and sweets, as well as a term for these types of food.

It’s an absolute must that you take a bite of these pastries on your trip to France with Kosher River Cruise and we can guarantee you that you’ll be taking a box (or two) home with you.


By far the most beautiful and intimidating of French pâtisserie — the croquembouche consists of choux pastry puffs piled into a cone and bound with threads of caramel. This special dessert is only served at important events such as weddings, birthdays, first communions, and baptisms. It’s a pseudo-cake to the French and Italians. The puff pastry is often filled with light and sweet Chantilly cream but other variants stuff them with fruit jams.

St. Honoré cake

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Named after St. Honoratus of Amiens, the patron saint of bakers and pastry chefs, this cake was invented in 1847 at the Chiboust bakery on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris. Like many other French pastries, it is primarily composed of pâte à Choux. This base is traditionally filled with crème chiboust and finished with whipped cream using a special St. Honoré piping tip.




This sweet meringue-based confection made of egg whites, icing sugar, granulated sugar, almond powder or ground almond, and food coloring is popular all over the world. People from all over the world jump at the opportunity to taste authentic French macarons. These cookies don’t keep for long, so it’s best to consume them upon order. However, you can store them in the freezer if you intend to bring them home.


The mille-feuille or in English knows as the vanilla slice, or custard slice is similar to but slightly different from the Napoleon ice cream cake. It is a French pastry whose exact origin is fairly unknown. The pastry is finicky and hard to perfect; it’s best to exert all your effort into savoring the dessert as opposed to trying to make it.

Mille-Feuille and Chocolate Cake

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