In his series on the Jews of the Rhône, historian Dr. Henry Abramson goes deep into the story of the first recorded Jew in France. Tracing back the history of Jewish heritage in Southern France makes our kosher cruise through the Rhône river even more meaningful. 

The first episode talks about Herod Archelaus and his exile in Gaul or the provincial colony of the Romans back in turn of the first century BC. The next installment in this series now advances a few hundred years into the first actual recording of a Jewish community in Southern France. 

Stories and legends about this particular pioneering community will take you back to the arrival of Jews in Arles through ships that were without captains and rudder. These tales tell us about how these ships received divine guidance which led them to the shores of the Rhône river. Being the credible historian that he is, Dr. Abramson unveils the facts behind the legends. 

Here’s Dr. Abramson with the second episode on his series about the Jews of the Rhône. 

The history of Jewish heritage spans the world over, and every story is worth uncovering. If you liked that video, make sure to check out Dr. Abramson’s Youtube channel where he has a good amount of resources about Jewish history. 

The best way to discover and uncover Jewish heritage is to explore the very location where history took place. Join us on our kosher river cruise through the Rhône river this November and explore Jewish Provence as well as other key locations in our people’s history. 

Our trip through the Rhône will be an all-inclusive, all-kosher, and all-luxury cruise. This journey will enable you to enjoy the fullness of kosher touring that you won’t find anywhere else. Book your cabin now!