Have you ever been tempted to try out a country’s local dishes, only to resist half-heartedly because they’re not kosher?

That is a hurdle that many Jews face when traveling overseas. Our faith prohibits us from eating food that is not kosher or is not prepared according to the laws of kashrut.

However, there is a way that you can get past this obstacle. Jewish river cruises like Kosherica and yours truly, KRC, provide their Jewish guests with a chance to visit the places they’ve never been to before. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about where or what to eat.

Kosher Food All Day, Everyday

On our river cruises, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all buffet meals. We have a wide variety of dishes for you to choose from. And yes, all of them are certified Glatt Kosher cuisine, prepared under the supervision of our cruise’s own Rav Hammachshir.

We make it a point to serve you with the highest quality ingredients, with all of them provided by trusted and strictly supervised suppliers.

Local Cuisines with a Kosher Twist

To make your buffet meals even better, we even have our team of amazing chefs prepare popular dishes from the countries we are touring. We can have ratatouille or cassoulet as one of your choices for lunch when in France, while in Cambodia we can serve you Beef Lok Lak, an iconic Khmer recipe.

Now you can enjoy eating local food without having to worry about whether or not it’s kosher.

Cooking Lessons? Yes Please!

But wait, there’s more! We don’t just stop at letting you try out different local dishes. KRC also holds special cooking seminars wherein our chefs teach various local recipes to our guests. All of them, of course, are the kosher versions of the cuisines.

Now you can show off to your family and friends that you can cook up a delicious coq au vin or a mouthwatering chicken cacciatore – thanks to the river cruise you were a

Eating Is Just Half of the Excitement

Though our kosher cruises promise a vast array of kosher meals for you to enjoy to your heart’s content, the trip is not just about the food! Aside from feasting with us, there are plenty of activities that you can join. Take your pick from heritage tours, food and wine tastings, jungle treks, and much more.

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