Africa, often regarded as the cradle of humanity, boasts a rich and diverse history that encompasses countless cultures, traditions, and religions. Among the many threads woven into the continent’s intricate fabric of history, one that often remains overlooked and underexplored is the history of the Jews of Africa. This history is both fascinating and complex, with influences spanning centuries and continents. In this blog post, we will embark on a journey to discover the multifaceted history of African Jewry, breaking it down into three main geographic regions: North Africa, Ethiopia, and South Africa.

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North Africa

Our exploration begins in North Africa, a region perhaps most well-known for its connection to Jewish history. From the eastern reaches of Egypt to the western coasts of Tunisia and Morocco, this part of the continent has long been home to thriving Jewish communities. The roots of North African Jewish history trace back to the ancient period when Jewish exiles from Israel settled along the Mediterranean coast. As we delve deeper into this region’s history, we will discover how it intertwines with broader historical narratives, particularly those within the Muslim world.


Moving southward, our next stop is the remarkable story of the Jews of Ethiopia. This narrative is so unique and compelling that we will dedicate multiple lectures to it. In our next lecture, we will journey from ancient times to the late 19th century, unraveling the intricate history of Ethiopian Jewry. And in the future, we will return to explore their experiences in the 20th century. Ethiopia’s Jewish history stands as a testament to the resilience and determination of a community with deep-rooted connections to Judaism.

South Africa

Heading even further south on the African continent, we encounter the vibrant Jewish population of South Africa. Most of these Jews are descendants of Eastern European migrants who arrived in the 19th century. Despite their geographic location at the southern tip of Africa, they have maintained strong European cultural ties. We will reserve a discussion of South African Jewish history for later in the semester, acknowledging that their narrative, while geographically African, shares more cultural similarities with Europe.

Beyond These Regions

While we focus on these three geographic areas, it’s important to acknowledge that Jews and Jewish influences can be found throughout Africa. Many regions have witnessed Jewish settlements, and numerous indigenous African groups have claimed Jewish descent. One such group, the Beta Israel, will be a topic of our next lecture. However, the scope of this series necessitates concentration on these regions.

The Hamitic Myth

Before delving into the unique histories of these regions, it’s crucial to address the misapplication of the Hamitic myth. This myth, rooted in the biblical story of Noah’s sons, has been historically used to justify various claims, including the idea that certain African achievements must be attributed to non-indigenous, Semitic influences. Dr. Tudor Parfit’s work sheds light on this myth and its impact on African cultures and identities, both in the eyes of external powers and among Africans themselves.

In conclusion, the history of the Jews of Africa is a tapestry woven with diverse threads, encompassing multiple regions, narratives, and influences. By examining North Africa, Ethiopia, and South Africa, we hope to shed light on this often overlooked chapter in African history and deepen our understanding of the continent’s cultural richness and complexity.

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