When people think of Malaysia, the first thing that pops up is an old and backward town. This is far from the truth. Malaysia is a beautiful country that stayed true to its cultural roots.

Kuala Lumpur is a highly-industrialized city. It is littered with diversity, a marriage of the old and new cultures. Its homogenous environment always attracts tourists.

Here are five destinations you shouldn’t miss out on during your next trip to Kuala Lumpur on a Kosher Cruise.

Petronas Tower

Petrosains, The Discovery Center

Enjoyed by both adults and children alike, Petrosains is a science and technology museum with interactive exhibits and displays for visitors to tinker around with. Malaysia is a country that highlights technological advancements. They believe in starting their children young. STEM courses are highly valued among Malaysian individuals, hence the popularity of Petrosains. There are over ten exciting exhibits that visitors can walk through. It’s worth spending at least half a day to get through everything.

Petaling Jaya Street Market

Arguably Kuala Lumpur’s most famous day market, Petaling Jaya will test the skill of even the best hagglers. Here you will find rows upon rows of designer imitation handbags, scarves, and shoes. You might want to bring an umbrella because the walkway can get pretty hot during lunch time. Don’t be shocked by the prices they offer you because you’ll have to bargain for the amount that you want. Pro-tip: pretend to walk away if they’re not giving you the price that you asked for. They’ll give in right away.


Lulu’s Hypermart

Chocolate is one of Malaysia’s most prized possessions. People from all over the world go to Lulu’s Hypermart to buy chocolate and bring it home with them. The prices are so low that you won’t feel bad about binge buying (and eating) them. A tip from the local’s is to buy the Milo, everybody’s childhood favorite chocolate drink. However, they limit the purchase count to two per customer. So either you line up several times a day or have someone buy it for you.

Batu Cave

Kuala Lumpur City Center

KLCC may be a tourist trap, but it’s where all the monumental buildings that constitute KL are. The Petronas twin towers are the symbol of Kuala Lumpur, do your trip justice and get a picture of yourself with it. You may have to lay your phones and cameras to get a good view of the entire building from bottom to top. Plus, if you enjoy shopping, KLCC is full of malls for you to explore.

Batu Caves

Perhaps you’re tired of the city scene, and you want to see something a little more traditional. Hop on a train and then a bus and make your way to Batu Caves. You’ll have to climb over a hundred steps to get yourself to the caves you have to explore. Being physically fit isn’t exactly a prerequisite to visiting Batu Caves, but you’re going to need a lot of energy. However, the views and the pictures will all be worth it.

The next time you’re choosing an Asian getaway choose Malaysia. KRC has many Jewish tours to pick from. This is just one of them.