Porto, Regua, Vega de Terron, Barca d'Alva, Pinhão, Salamanca (Spain)
All Kosher Luxury Cruise Along The Douro River

“The Only All Kosher Cruise – Entire Ship Kosher”

All Inclusive: Cruise, Delicious Kosher Cuisine, Tours, Open Bar & So Much More!

Featuring Special Guest Lecturer Dr. Henry M. Abramson 
Dean, Touro College


New for 2021, Kosher River Cruises is pleased to offer another spectacular luxury river expedition on Portugal’s most scenic waterway operated on the brand new, state of the art vessel, the magnificent five-star MS Douro Serenity. This world class vessel is without doubt one of the most exceptional ships afloat on any European river.

If cruising is an art, then this ship has truly mastered it; constructed with the very latest technology and a strong environmental ethic in mind, yet simultaneously retaining a classic, refined elegance reminiscent of cruising from a bygone era, this five-star river cruiser has been purpose built to fit the unique size limitations of the Douro’s five locks and features all the facilities you would expect in a top-class hotel and more so your cruise will be as relaxing as possible and your stay on board will be a uniquely memorable one

Culinary Pleasures: Step aboard a Kosher River Cruise vessel and taste everything that the individual countries and regions can offer when put in the hands of our accomplished, Master Kosher Chef Malcolm Green. Our kitchen team combines its love of cooking with our goal of pleasing you and presents carefully composed modern kosher menus and local specialties. All food is Glatt Kosher under strict supervision.

Kashrut: All poultry and meat products are Mihadrin and “Chalak” (commonly called glatt). All dairy products are Cholov Yisroel and Pas Yisroel for all bread and cakes.

Our all-inclusive program provides delicious Glatt Kosher cuisine, on-board synagogue with daily minyanim, engaging lectures and on-board programming, evening entertainment, open bar, and local tours throughout your cruise that allow you to explore the area’s history and Jewish heritage




Exploring the Lost Jewish History of the Douro River Valley With Kosher River Cruises August 2018 Douro Departure

By Dr. Henry Abramson, PhD
Dean Touro College

The Journey: Once a great, conquering seafaring nation, Portugal has a history and culture as proud and as intrepid as any in Europe. Today, large tracts of it remain unchanged, almost like a land out of time, where beautiful traditions survive the ravages of progress.

From rolling vineyards to grand historic structures, magic waterscapes to endlessly engaging vistas, Portugal’s lazy charm tends to seep into your consciousness slowly, seducing you without you realizing it. However, by the time you’ve fully explored its wondrous valleys and friendly village communities, you’ll find yourself thoroughly and hopelessly in love.

The Douro is one of the major rivers flowing through the Iberian Peninsula. This sun-kissed waterway starts its journey in northern-central Spain before passing through mainland Portugal to its final outlet in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Porto.

An important maritime port and commercial town, Porto was one of the cities where Jews settled in Portugal. The history of the Jewish community of the capital of the northern region is inseparable from the history of the Hebrew presence in Portugal. In the Douro region there are also villages, cities and small towns where important Jewish communities once lived. Join Kosher River Cruise’s as we discover a heritage filled cruise with memories recalling a community that settled in this country between the 5th and 15th centuries.

The Sephardic Jews contributed in different ways to the Portuguese culture during that period, and Porto and The Douro were not indifferent to such an influence, especially because Lamego was one of the two major existing Jewish communities between the rivers Douro and Tejo.

Protected by the monarchy, the Jews – philosophers, humanists, scientists and merchants – were decisive in several important moments of Portuguese history, namely for their financial and scientific contributions during the Discoveries.

The Jews worshipped in secret even after the Portuguese kings ordered their deportation from the country, following the events in Spain in 1496. While it is true that some Jews converted to Catholicism, becoming New-Christians and that many left the country, many others stayed and kept their faith in secret. From those days, symbolic features and engravings can still be seen in the old Jewish quarters throughout this region. From Mezuzot carved on buildings’ stone doorframes to the names of streets indicating the existence of a Jewish community, join Kosher River Cruises for a luxury cruise filled with history and heritage on one of Europe’s most stunning scenic rivers.

October 12-19 2021 | 8 Days


  • Day 1(Tu) Oct 12: Porto -Bem-vindo!

  • Day 2 (We) Oct 13: Entre-oe-Rios. Barca d’Alva

  • Day 3 (Th) Oct 14: Salamanca (Spain)

  • Day 4 (Fr) Oct 15: Pocino Pinhão

  • Day 5 (Sa) Oct 16: Shabbat Pinhão

  • Day 6 (Su) Oct 17: Pinhão. Requa

  • Day 7 (Mo) Oct 18:: Porto

  • Day 8 (Tu) Oct 19: Porto – Disembark

Air Booking

For those who need assistance with booking your air please call us and we can supply you the contact information for an outside air agent. Please note there will be a ticket issue fee of $50 per person for this service.

Embarkation & Disembarkation

Embarkation (Tuesday October 12): Clients will be able to check-in and board in Porto beginning at 16:00. Guest who arrive earlier may leave their luggage at reception beginning at 12:00 but will not be able to check-in or receive their cabin until 16:00. Porto Airport is 20 minutes from city center and pier, scheduled group transfers are included in your all-inclusive cruise & tour package.

Disembarkation (Tuesday October 19): Clients will be required to disembark by 9:30a. Group airport transfers are included in your all-inclusive cruise & tour package.

Lisbon Post-Cruise Group Program

(Available only for custom groups of 50 or more)

Disembarkation at 9:00a, arrive for Coimbra tour at 11:00a for tour and lunch, depart 14:30; arrive Lisbon at 16:30. Post-program ends with breakfast on Thursday. Guests are responsible for their own taxi transfer to the Lisbon Airport and can be arranged with the hotel (approximately 30 minutes). (*Please note our Lisbon post-cruise program is an all-inclusive program including boat transfers, hotel, all meals, and touring. Partial programs are not available.)

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