River cruises—they have grown ever more popular over the years, haven’t they? Everywhere you look, cruise lines are offering river trips that specialize for people of all ages, preferences, and walks of life.

Even other cruise lines like Kosherica Cruises and your very own Kosher River Cruises are here to cater to our beloved Jewish travelers.

But aside from the bodies of water (but of course), what makes cruises that take you along rivers different from the ones that sail the open seas?

Going Small and Personal

Because riverboats are far smaller than their seafaring brethren, you’ll only be joined by a tiny number of fellow passengers. If you’re someone who likes to make lasting friendships on your travels, a river cruise is a great place to start!

As time goes on, you’ll be more comfortable with the familiar faces you’ll get to spend time with during meals, onboard events, and land activities. Soon enough, you might find yourself making meaningful conversations with total “strangers”.

And since there are fewer guests onboard, it’s much easier to call the staff’s attention should you need their assistance. Not only that, but they’ll be able to cater to your requests much better. Why not make friends with the crew as well?

More Focus On The Destinations

Most of the time, big ocean cruises lure you in with features like movie theaters, swimming pools, five-star restaurants, and sports facilities.

But a riverboat is different. They can’t exactly always boast of having, say, tennis courts. giant swimming pools, golf courses or even skydiving simulators aboard–all on just one ship.

What they do is bring the spotlight to the places you’ll be visiting. On ocean cruises, there’s usually a day or a few days in between destinations. This is why they place a lot of emphasis on the ship’s features. If they didn’t have any, cruise passengers would have one completely boring vacation!

Yes, our riverboats have five-star cabins, lounges, wellness centers, gyms, and bars and restaurants. But those are not the only things we want you to enjoy. On our kosher cruises, we’d love for you to join us as we explore the towns and heritage sites that we’ll stop by and learn more about our Jewish roots!

Interested in what luxury cruises we have to offer? Feel free to browse through the rest of our website at www.kosherivercruise.com.