Jewish travel has become more popular with the help of cruises and tours, much like what we offer here at KRC. Indeed, they are a great way to spend your vacation. But some don’t travel just to relax and momentarily escape from the responsibilities of everyday life. There are those who go out to the world because they want to connect better with their heritage. And that is also something you can do while on a Jewish cruise.

How Can Cruises Help?

Did your ancestors once live in a certain part of the world that you weren’t curious about before until now? Like, for instance, somewhere in Europe? On our journeys together along the waterways of the world, especially in the regions that have a significant Jewish history, we will be having in-depth programs you can join in that will help us learn more about the Jewish communities who lived there.
Even the dishes inspired by the destinations that are served during meals can also serve as a cultural lesson all on their own!

A Peek Into The Past

But we don’t just learn through lectures aboard the riverboat. We have land excursions that will take us to the quarters where they settled, and to other sites that hold much importance to them. By traversing the same streets and entering the buildings that our ancestors may very well also have in the past, we can let ourselves feel a deeper connection with them.

In a way, we will literally be walking in their footsteps.

You’re Never Too Young Or Too Old To Learn

Age is just a number when you’re genuinely interested in learning more about your family’s past. Whether you’re in your twenties, forties, or sixties, you’re welcome to join us as we embark on kosher cruises and discover more about the past — and ourselves along the way.

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