Guanajuato City, Mexico


Mexico City is home to a remarkable community of Jews as well as a fascinating history. Today, it still stands as an ideal location for a lot of Jewish travelers and tourists since the jewish community in Mexico City is still active and thriving. Different kinds of unique and captivating synagogues can also be found all over Mexico City.

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Old Downtown Area

This particular area in Mexico City is filled with 18th century architecture and it kind of has a similar atmosphere to the Lower East Side. The streets are filled with the hustle and bustle of the city and there’s a lot of activity going around every corner. You can see a lot of people walking through the streets lined with stalls and shops and you can really see how alive the city is.

During Dr. Henry Abramson’s trip, you can still see a few shrines on the streets because the days of the dead had just passed. These shrines were evidently seen on the old Jewish street called the “Jesus Mary street.” Moreover, there are all kinds of textile businesses in hidden corners of the old downtown area and a few of these shops are still owned by some members of the Jewish community.

Synagogues in Mexico City

In the downtown area, there are also a few traditional-style synagogues where the Jews in Mexico City can enter. There are two synagogues located just near each other as well as kosher restaurants where the members of the community can eat. Other than traditional styled synagogues, there are also modern synagogues that have sleek and clean interior and exterior designs.

The sephardic community of Mexico also established the Shaare Shamayim Synagogue. The synagogue is built in the style and influence of the sephardic community’s synagogues in Spain. The synagogues in Mexico City are large and extravagant as the Jewish community is actually still active and there are a lot of Jewish individuals and families residing in this city.

Mt. Sinai Complex

This establishment in Mexico City presents numerous spaces for learning as well as compelling pieces of Jewish history and heritage. Not only that, but there are also restaurants inside the synagogue where the members of the community can enjoy kosher food and drinks. Instead of just normal traditional synagogues, it looked more like community centers where you can see most of the Jewish community gathering.