The city of Porto, also known as Invicta, is known as “que nunca por vencido”, which is Portuguese for “that was never conquered.” It gained its nickname from the civil war that was never able to grasp it.

Porto isn’t just an expensive wine region; there are plenty of things to do on a budget as well. This underrated city in Portugal has some great sites and some of the most interesting night markets in the whole of Europe. Explore the unconquered land with Kosher Cruises on your next European getaway.

Here are some budget-friendly and Kosher finds in Porto that you want to check out the next time you visit this beautiful city:

Porto Belo

No, not the mushroom. Porto Belo has, by far, the most popular night market in all of Porto—a vintage lover’s paradise. You can find anything from film cameras and canisters, polaroid photos, vinyl records, stamps, and postcards. There are also good artisanal finds like olive oil, candles, jam, tea, and potpourri from family-owned businesses who source from local providers.

Mercado do Bom Sucesso

To satisfy the foodie in you, hop on over to the Mercado do Bom Sucesso. This food market is perfect for Instagram-worthy shots because of its large open space and natural lighting. Don’t expect it to be like La Boqueria in Barcelona because this is not the kind of place you go to for traditional Spanish food. It’s more of an international food fair—an upscale version of the kind you’d see at a carnival.

BoLa Falafel

If you need a taste of home, visit the best Kosher restaurant in Porto, BoLa Falafel. This restaurant boasts a five-star review on TripAdvisor and with good reason. Not only does this restaurant have great Kosher food, everyone who gave the restaurant a rating has commended it for its great service. Our recommendation? The Hummus. It’s the best in all of Porto and it’s affordable!

Porto Wine Museum

Now, this may sound like an expensive place to be in, but don’t be fooled by its fancy exterior and all the wine in aging barrels. The Porto wine museum tickets only cost 2.20 Euros on weekdays and are free for senior citizens and children on the weekends. You can even go wine tasting afterward if you get thirsty from exploring the cellars. No bad for two Euros, don’t you think?

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