One of the reasons our guests love coming back to our cruises is the unique way we put together meaningful Jewish heritage tours alongside luxurious river cruising. For us, it’s not enough to provide our guests with the best cruise hospitality and luxury; their trips have to be meaningful as well.

This is why we take the extra mile and bring our guests into an immersive Jewish heritage experience whether we’re on location, or onboard. How do we achieve that, exactly?

Reel Inspiration

On our next cruise this November, we’re exploring the Rhône river to uncover Jewish history in Southern France.

Our ship, the Emerald Liberté, has amenities that can help with the unique Jewish heritage that we’re about to experience. The indoor pool in the ship transforms into a cozy film theater where we will watch an inspiring film about the Soldiers and Peacemakers that rescued Jewish and Israeli hostages during a hi-jacking incident back in 1976. Witness this critically-acclaimed film with us and be inspired as we cruise.

A Cruising Community

With rabbis and historians on board, our cruise features daily minyanim, captivating and entertaining lectures. Shabbat is also celebrated on the ship. It’s truly a peaceful time with like-minded people you can mingle with while you’re cruising luxuriously along the Rhône.

Together, we will all go on an adventure, discovering Jewish history along the world’s greatest waterways—talk about redefining the average Jewish vacation.

So book your cabin on our next cruise now. Southern France is rich in Jewish history, and it’s waiting for you to discover and experience the good Jewish life along the Rhône river.