Glatt Kosher Holidays are best enjoyed in unique and unfamiliar locales. From the sight of skyscrapers in distant cities to the dignified serenity of archaic landmarks, an all-kosher vacation becomes more unforgettable when you immerse yourself in the historic beauty to be found around the world. Our Mekong River Cruise provides an opportunity for people to enjoy the beauty to be found along the Mekong River that flows through mainland Southeast Asia. Our cruise touches upon Vietnam and Cambodia, with a post-tour option to explore the famed ruins near Siem Reap, the vast temple complex of Angkor Wat and the grand Khmer city of Angkor Thom. These two destinations are historic cornerstones of Cambodian culture, remnants of a prosperous age of antiquity for the Khmer people. However, the vast Khmer Empire was not the first of its kind in the Indochinese Peninsula.


Angkor Thom


The Obscure Origins of Chenla


Before there was the Khmer Empire, before Chenla became powerful, there was the Kingdom of Funan, named by the Chinese traders who bartered with this ancient civilization during the 1st-6th century CE. As Funan rose to power, Chenla became their vassal state, but after a few years of subordination, it overthrew Funan and dominated their portion of the Indochinese Peninsula for a time. The exact details about these two civilizations are shrouded in obscurity and folklore, citing divine narratives and such, with a good chunk of comprehensive data coming from the indirect accounts of Chinese traders. Whatever the exact details are, Chenla declined, and multiple smaller kingdoms ruled and warred before the Khmer Empire was established by Jayavarman II.


Wat Hanchey


The small temple complex of Wat Hanchey is a short trip from Kampong Cham. This Buddhist and Hindu temple traces its origins to pre-Angkorian Chenla, built atop a hill to emulate the high mountain that the gods lived in. Wat Hanchey suffered damage during the Khmer Rouge, but the complex has been repaired, and in the modern-day, it serves as an enriching kosher touring destination for those seeking to glimpse at Cambodian culture before Angkor.