A generous amount of people around the world have probably never been on a cruise. With the popularity of air and land travel, a lot of tourists think that their vacation time (not to mention money) will be better spent on plane and road trips.

Cruises are actually one of the best ways to get more out of your vacation. You get to see a lot of the world with the given time, accommodations will be all sorted out for you, and you get to travel at a relaxed pace with fun recreational activities available on board.

Sounds good right? Before you get on board, here are some cruise tips that will help make for a smoother sailing trip.

Leave A Day’s Allowance Before and After

There’s no worse struggle for a cruise guest than to worry about whether you’ll make it to the port where you’ll be docking off on time, as well as going back to regular life immediately after a long leisurely cruise.

To avoid such situations, it is a good idea to fly/travel to where you’ll be docking off a day earlier than the first day of your cruise. Consequently, leaving a day free after you get off the ship before you go home can help you avoid serious travelers’ fatigue.


As tempting as it will get to post every cruise moment online and show the world how fabulous you’re vacation is, remember that you can do all of that after the cruise. While you’re still cruising, it’s best to just sit back, relax, and take in the moment. Or if you’re going to go on an excursion, focus on the view, not on your phone.

Choose a Specialty Cruise

If you follow a particular lifestyle or have particular preferences, it’s a great idea to look into specialty cruises. Since you’re Jewish, you’ll have a much more fabulous time traveling in one of those Jewish tours. You won’t have to worry about your particular meal preferences—if what you’re eating is indeed Glatt Kosher. Plus, these types of tours are fully-aware of your specific needs. Their cruises are organized for that purpose.

Research on Places and Cost Beforehand

No one wants to waste their pocket money on overpriced souvenirs. Knowing the reasonable price limits on different items where you’ll be going will let you know just how much souvenirs and other trinkets should cost. Better yet, you get to set your budget for it so you won’t have to worry about whether you overspent.


After a long day exploring the port of enjoying the beauty of nature, your cabin, and your bed will definitely allure you more than ever. While resting is okay, don’t spend all of your free time in your cabin.

Cruises, especially river cruises where the setting is more intimate and socialization-friendly, are a great opportunity to make new friends and meet fun, interesting people that will make your cruise even more memorable.

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