Did you know we also cater group and private river cruising? Whether you want to cruise for a special event, launch a product, host a fundraising event, or just want to have the best Jewish vacation with family and friends, you can count on us.

Being in the touring business for more than 30 years has cemented our experience in catering to different kinds of tours both for private and public.

Here are five reasons you should choose us for your next group tour.

Interesting Perks

Most of our clients contact us for their fundraising events because of our logistical service. We take care of some of the details including the development of the tour which will be published to our website, marketing materials like flyers and postcards, e-letters and more.

Our customer service will also handle the registration and phone support in order to promote your event properly to your members. How’s that for a start?


Here at Kosher River Cruise, our aim is to give ultimate comfort to our guests by providing top hospitality, the finest facilities, and luxurious accommodation.

It’s Convenient

Imagine holding an event while cruising in the river of your choice! All you need to do is to coordinate with us and we you’ll be given multiple options of programs that will perfectly fit for your needs.

Perfect for Special Occasions

Housing up to 200 people, the Kosher River Cruise custom tour is also great for special intimate occasions like weddings and anniversaries. As mentioned above, we can curate the program and make sure that you will have the best time while you are with us.


Our ultimate unique selling point is our all-kosher food. Aside from that, we can also offer an on-board synagogue, depending on your need and request.

We guarantee that your booking experience with us will be smooth, our contract will be clear for both parties and we ensure you that you will be working with us with pleasure.


For more information, you can contact us at 800-923-2645 or 310-237-0122 or email us at info@kosherrivercruise.com.