An adventure to Europe is on every traveler’s bucket list. With the continent’s episodic brushes with the Jewish people, kosher adventurers should check out Europe all the more and go on memorable kosher Europe tours.

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Here’s what makes Europe an awesome destination for Jewish travelers
The History

Jewish Europe is one representation that can’t be denied. When looking for a place to call home, previous Jewish generations have come to several European countries and created quite the history where they resided.

As if the historical days between Europe and the Jews are not colorful enough, Europe’s own tale on how it came to be is a story worth delving into when you get to the continent.

The Europe we see today is only a product of this rich history, and the Jews that participated through the years surely made it even more interesting.

The Sights

When the world was created, beauty was rained upon every inch of land, but Europe kept this gift of beauty in its most unique way. The coastlines and the mountain ranges in the continent are some of the best sights in the world.

Every destination you can see on postcards look better than advertised. Wait until you breathe in the air in there yourself. Even man-made spots are awesome places.

The Culture

It seems that the word was invented in the continent. Art museums, theatres, the cuisine, and everything in between are all part of Europe’s most prized pieces of human effort.

Most of the world’s finest artists from the past, present, and future must rub elbows with the continent in order to be truly considered legitimate.

The Celebrations

Europeans have created festivals throughout the year that they can truly call their own. The dances, beverages, and the way tradition is celebrated are all uniquely European. One quick look at a festival photo and you know you won’t see that in other parts of the world.

So free up your calendar, pack your bags, and set off to Europe! With tours offered by Kosher River Cruise on Europe’s most picturesque waterways, and by Kosherica cruises on the oceans, it’s easier than ever for Jewish adventurers to check out Europe!