It is often said the traveling is the best form of education. After all, it can show us more about the world than a teacher in a classroom or a chapter textbook can. We can all agree that what we have learned in Hebrew school or in the yeshiva is very important in our lives. There will always be something special about learning by exploring different countries and meeting new people.

And on our luxury kosher cruise, you’re sure to bring back many valuable lessons you won’t learn if you stay at home.

Here are just a few of the many great nuggets of wisdom that you’ll learn while on a trip with Kosher River Cruise:

Reading About History Is Different From Experiencing It

Most of us learn about the history of different civilizations in class. But there’s nothing quite like walking through the streets of a town or entering a historical site that you’ve only read about. Understanding different cultures surrounding them is easier when you get to the places they live in.

Even the story of our people is easier to appreciate when you are able to walk in their footsteps, in a manner of speaking. When you get to visit the local Jewish communities, meet and talk with the local Jews. You will be given a whole new perspective of their history and a better understanding of what they have gone through and overcome in the past.

Never Be Afraid To Try New Things

Whether it’s fishing for piranhas in the Amazon river or trying exotic Cambodian cuisine (that we have made kosher, of course), there’s always a new and exciting activity for you to do with us.

It might be something that’s out of your comfort zone, but that’s what makes traveling special, doesn’t it? It exposes you to the unknown and helps you experience things that will help open your mind.

And you’ll have something to brag about to your friends and family when you come back from your journey with us. Not everyone can boast that they have trekked through the Amazon rainforest, can they?

There Is Plenty Of Beauty In The World

From the magical Venetian Lagoon, the mysterious Amazon jungle, to the ancient temples along the Mekong river. The world’s beauty comes in all forms and sizes. The best way to truly appreciate them all is to witness them for ourselves. Be it from nature or from man, beauty reminds us that there is so much more to life that’s worth living.

With Kosher River Cruises, not only will you enjoy the luxuries that only a 5-star riverboat can offer, but you also get to experience the world like you never did before, and learn precious life lessons along the way.

So go on and have the best Jewish vacation of your life with Kosher River Cruise!