Technology has made it so easy for us to have that lasting remembrance on our recent adventures. Whenever you see something awesome while you travel, just pull out your smartphone, take a quick photo, and voila! Your memorable travel moments are now ready to be shared with the world.

Cameras are now getting more and more portable, and with social media being an integral part of everything we do, sharing these awesome moments is now easier.

And while a picture is worth a thousand words, there’s still a need to place the right words into a specific moment. Words that can’t be shared with the world, yet have to be passed on to very particular people. For example, the lessons you learned while you on a kosher river cruise or the things you realized on your adventures. Beyond photos, and souvenirs, keeping a journey journal is still one of the best ways to remember key moments in a deeper way.

A Journal’s Pin-point Accuracy

Behind the smiles in the photos may be moments in the journey where you almost gave up because of the obstacles you encountered. There will always be moments in between your travel highlight reel that can leave a lasting impact on you. Put it down on your journey journal.

Your journal doesn’t have to be a full account of your adventure. It just has to be reflective of what you felt and your opinions about a particular moment in your travel. When you look back, you can accurately remember how you used to think and compare it to how you tend to think today. A journal provides a more thought-provoking look into your adventures in a way no selfie can.

Every Entry, A Lesson

When keeping a journey journal, it is also worth emphasizing that not every entry has to be this deep dive into your psychology about a destination you went to. It can be absolutely anything you want to jot down—from simple travel quirks while you were on a kosher cruise, foreign jokes that can only be funny under some contexts, to truly unique insights you learned on the road.

Every destination to every adventurer deserves a Let’s Do That Again and a Never Again list. Jot every note-worthy thought and experience down and learn each entry. The travels and the entries you put down on your journey journal could turn you into a very wise traveler in the future.