Torah Trivia


Where in Egypt did Yosef's brothers live?

Answer: Goshen

Which brother received the most gifts from Yosef? Why?

Answer: Binyamin; he was Yosef’s only full-brother.

Who (according to the Medrash) broke the news to Yakov that Yosef was still alive?

Answer: Serach bat Asher

How many people were in Yakov's entourage to Egypt?

Answer: 70

Yosef advises his brothers to tell Paro they are what occupation?

Answer: Shepherds and cattle-men

Why does he tell them that?

Answer: So the Egyptians, who abhor shepherds/cattle men, will separate the Hebrews from their own population.

What blessing does Yakov give to Paro when they meet?

Answer: The Nile should rise in his honor.

All the Egyptians had to sell their land to Paro except what group?

Answer: The Priests

Yakov is sure Yosef is alive when he sees the wagons sent to him. What do the wagons signify?

Answer: A wagon is called an “Agala.” He and Yosef had last been learning the issue of the “Egla Arufa,” the heifer whose neck is broken as part of the ritual when an unidentified corpse is found. “Agala” and “Egla” share the same letters, and were a kind of code that Yosef was indeed alive.

Why does G-d appear to Yakov in a vision at NIGHT before he goes down to Egypt?

Answer: Yakov feared going into the long night of exile.


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