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Breakfast Buffet

Sliced Cheese Selection
Cheddar – Emmental – Gouda – Sliced (American) Cheese-Camembert – Brie – Cream cheese – Cottage Cheese

Sardines – Tuna – Smoked salmon

Served from our chafing dishes: Scrambled Egg – Hard Boiled Egg
Pancake with Maple Syrup – Hash browns – Baked beans – Shakshuka

Order from the Galley
Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon

Egg Station
Fried Eggs – Omelets
Cheese – Tomato – Mushroom – Bell Pepper – Herbs – Onion

Oat Meal or Cream of Wheat with cinnamon

Baguette – bagels – breakfast rolls
Pain au chocolate – Croissant – Muffin – Danish Pastries – Mini Quiches

Full Fat – Low Fat – Soy milk – Almond milk

Regular and Low Fat, Natural and fruit yoghurts

Fruit Muesli – Cornflakes – Frosties – Bran Flakes – Special K
Flax Seed – Pumpkin Seed – Sunflower Seed – Walnuts – Pine Seeds – Pistachios

Fresh Seasonal Fruits
Sliced Fruits – Fresh Fruit salad – Whole Fruits – Bananas

Stewed Fruit
Pear – Pear – Pineapple – Apricot – Apple – Tangerine – Plum – Cherry – Prunes

Dried Fruit
Apricot – Sultanas

Assorted jams – Marmalade – Peanut Butter – Marmite

Orange – Apple – Grapefruit – Tomato – Cranberry

Hot Beverages
(Except on Shabbat) Hot Milk – Hot Chocolate

Tea & Coffee
Hot Water-Fruit – Chamomile – Green Tea – Rose Hip – Peppermint – Herb
Decaffeinated Rooibos Natural Sweet & Low & Lemon Juice
Freshly Brewed Coffee & Decaffeinated Coffee

Lunch Buffet

Salad bar

6 Marinated Salads | sliced tomato | cucumber | onion | peppers | celery | radish etc.


Melanzane in carroza
Spring rolls with sweet and sour sauce Fresh fruit platter

Pasta Station

Farfalle with smoked salmon


French Onion soup
Cream of Forest Mushroom

Main Buffett

Roast slashed fillet of bass
Trout Almandine
Taco Station (soy mince)
Egg Florentine Tart
Shepherdess Pie
White chocolate cheese cake
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Fresh Fruit Salad
Ice cream

Dinner Buffet

Salad Bar
6 Marinated Salads | sliced tomato | cucumber | onion | peppers | celery | radish etc.


Sticky Chicken wings
Salmon Tartare
Duck with Apple Chutney
Meat balls
Salmon Mousse

Pasta Station

Farfalle with lemon artichoke pesto


Roasted Parsnip and ginger soup, with spicy roasted chickpeas
Minestrone soup

Main Buffett

Carving: Filet de boeuf
Chicken Cacciatore
Escalope of de veal
Le fish and chips
Vegan Meatballs in tomato concasse

French potatoes
Stir-fry vegetables

Special Desserts

Crepes Suzette
Petit Fours
Special Chocolate Selection
Pareve ice Cream


*Special arrangements can be made for most special dietary requirements. Please call for details.

Special Diets

Whilst KRC has spent years creating and developing regular menus, we are pleased to announce that we have introduced a new high protein VEGAN menu, giving our vegan and vegetarian guests a healthy and varied diet.

Every meal begins with a large prepared and fresh salad bar.

There is always a vegan starter or a vegan pasta dish: Such as Forest mushroom risotto, vermicelli with lemon and artichoke pesto, melazane in carroza, baked penne and pumpkin.

We always have at least one Vegan soup: Such as Sweet potato and carrot, French Onion Soup, Mushroom Bisque, Vichyssoise.

For Entrée we always have at least one exciting vegan choice: As mentioned these have been designed to be tasty with a high protein content: Such as Sweet potato and black bean quesadillas, crusted cassoulet with tofu, squash and quinoa chili, shepherdess pie with quinoa.

Most of our desserts are vegetarian but we have a nice selection of vegan choices: Such as Linzertorte, Sacher Torte, Peach Melba, Apple crumble. Enjoy whilst maintaining your dietary choices.

If you are gluten intolerant we also have special choices just for you.

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