Jewish Heroism – A Tribute to the Jewish Soldiers of World War I & II – D-Day & The Somme
Plus French Culinary Program: Classes, Demonstrations & Special Dining with Kosher Wine Pairings

Aboard the 5-Star Luxury AMADEUS Diamond

A Tribute to the Jewish Service Members of World War I & II – D-Day & The Somme

Featuring Special Guest Lecturers: 

Dr. Henry M. Abramson, Dean, Touro College

Culinary Events with Naomi Nachman

Dean, Touro College

Plus French Culinary Program:

Classes, Demonstrations & Special Dining with Kosher Wine Pairings

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Click Below For Our 2018 KRC Seine Cruise Video: Omaha Beach D-Day Ceremony & Commentary

The Journey: Explore the magic and beauty of France’s Normandy countryside and voilà! See where the course of history was changed in 1944 on the beaches of Normandy, where the Allied D-Day invasion led to the downfall of Hitler’s Third Reich. Delight in the Gothic architecture of Rouen, lose yourself in the exquisite gardens of Giverny, whose rich palette inspired impressionist Claude Monet. Walk the cobblestone streets of provincial Vernon and explore the luxurious Palace and art of Chantilly. This fascinating 8-day river journey has something for everyone.

​Jewish Heroism – Jewish Military History of The World Wars: On our tour, we will be joined by retired Jewish military officers and historians who will provide a unique Jewish perspective on some of the major battles and Jewish soldiers of World War I and II, including a special D-Day tribute and ceremony during our visit to the famous battlegrounds and beaches of Normandy.

* See website for details on special guest lecturers, itinerary, and videos of the program and ship.

Culinary Program: Paris is the top destination in France, but the rest of the country offers something special too.  Most days, apart from Shabbat, we will gently lead you into the culinary cuisine of the country, which treats food as an art whilst you explore and travel down its most famous river, the Seine. Every region offers local culinary specialties, which you’ll discover in your cookery classes. We will introduce you to the cuisine of Burgundy and amazing produce from Provence teaching such typical dishes as Bouillabaisse and Chicken Provencal. From Languedoc we have cassoulet and a new twist on the regular presentation of duck, with Magret de Canard Rose, Jeu Szechwan. Those dishes will whet your appetite, with many more for you to learn, to cook and to enjoy. Whilst here in France, a holiday would not be complete without wine and cheese, which we will also cover (and eat) in detail.


Day 1: Wednesday: Paris Bienvenue

Enjoy a welcome reception and dinner aboard the Amadeus Diamond. Later, cruise out with the beautiful city of Paris as a backdrop. What a magical start to your cruise! 

Day 2: Thursday: Conflans

This morning we arrive at the charming medieval town of Conflans, with its distinctive barge houses docked within easy reach of the quaint main square. 

Tour Chantilly Castle: A storybook vision amid an artificial lake and magnificent gardens, the Château de Chantilly contains a superb collection of paintings within the Musée Condé. Left shambolic after the French Revolution, the greatly restored château consists of two attached buildings, the Petit and Grand Châteaux, which are entered through the same vestibule. The estate’s famous Grandes Écuries (Grand Stables) are just west. 

The Petit Château, containing the Appartements des Princes (Princes’ Suites), was built around 1560 for Anne de Montmorency (1492–1567), who served six French kings as connétable (high constable), diplomat and warrior, and died doing battle with Protestants in the Counter-Reformation. The highlight here is the Cabinet des Livres, a repository of 700 manuscripts and more than 30,000 volumes, including a Gutenberg Bible and a facsimile of the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry, an illuminated manuscript dating from the 15th century that illustrates the calendar year for both the peasantry and the nobility. The castle contains the famous Musée Condé, a series of 19th-century rooms adorned with paintings and sculptures (the largest collection of art in France after the Louvre) haphazardly arranged according to the whims of the duke. The most remarkable works, hidden in the Sanctuary include paintings by Filippino Lippi, Jean Fouquet and Raphael.

Day 3: Friday: Honfleur & The Normandy Beaches 

Walk the historic Normandy beaches and allow your imagination to replay the D-Day landings where they took place. Our first stop is the D-Day 360 Cinerama at Arromanches where we view “A Film into the Heart of the Battle of Normandy”.  This film is shown on 9 surround screens in HD and surround sound.   Discover exceptional archive footages collected from around the world that tell the whole story of the 100 days of the Battle of Normandy.  Located on the Arromanches clifftops, the Arromanches 360 Circular cinema dominates the remnants of one of the two artificial Mulberry harbors set up by the Allies. On 8th June 1944, two days after the liberation of Arromanches, the first Phoenix blockships were sunk. They formed a dike that sheltered the ships from the swell when they unloaded their cargoes. Some “whale” floating roadways and some platforms following the movements of the tide completed the deployment.  On 14th June, ships started to unload their cargo. In 100 days, “Port Winston” permitted to land 400,000 soldiers, 4 million tons of equipment and 500,000 vehicles. It remained active until 1st December 1944.  Today a few dozen “Phoenix” blockships are still visible today and continue to keep the waters of Arromanches smooth. 

Next, we continue to Omaha Beach where you’ll be struck by the somber ambience surrounding the 9,387 graves (catching a glimpse of a Magen David every so often) of the Normandy Cemetery. While there, take a moment to visualize the scene, and reflect on the momentous impact of that day, as you look out from your lofty hilltop position above Omaha Beach. Here will partake in a special Kosher River Cruise ceremony and wreath laying at the “Spirit of American Youth Rising from the Waves” statue.  Continue at your own pace to explore the area, cemetery and D-Day museum. 

Dock in Honfleur for Shabbat. 

Day 4: Shabbat: Honfleur

This magnificent town has been a source of inspiration, attracting creators and artists – The perfect stop for a relaxing Shabbat. 

Afternoon, we explore by foot the ancient town of Honfleur.  With its quaint architecture, relaxed coastal atmosphere, quaint shops, and the many colorful fishing boats bobbing up and down on its waters, Honfleur is one of Normandy’s most picturesque villages. 

Day 5: Sunday: Caudebec-En-Caux

Option Day 

Option 1: WWI Battle Fields & The Somme:  Get a glimpse of what the Somme battlefields might have been like for those caught up in this terrible World War I battle, which claimed over 1.2 million casualties of allied and German soldiers. This full-day excursion commemorates the 100 years since the War.  Tour includes visits to area battle fields and to both Allied & German cemeteries where each sides Jewish soldiers are laid to rest.   This unique program highlights Jewish involvement on both sides of the battlefields. 

Option 2: Fecamp:  With steep limestone cliffs that plunge dramatically towards the emerald waters of the English Channel below, the beauty of the Alabaster Coast will leave you breathless. Framed by these impressive white cliffs, this historic coastal town offers a heady cocktail of attractions. Fécamp is both port, resort, ducal town, pilgrimage destination, art center and the home of a famous liqueur.  Our visit includes Le Palais Bénédictine 

(Benedictine Palace): this truly palatial building makes a grand impression in central Fécamp, built in neo-Gothic and neo-Renaissance styles for Alexandre Le Grand, the entrepreneur who developed the alcoholic herbal drink, Benedictine. The liqueur has been produced in this exceptional site, and exported all over the world, for over a century. The Palais Bénédictine contains three centers of interest: the distillery in which the famous liquor is prepared; its collection of religious works, mainly from the 15th and 16th centuries, displayed just as they were at the end of the 19th century and a contemporary art gallery. 

This afternoon we depart for Rouen 

Day 6: Monday: Rouen

City & Jewish Heritage Tour: Explore the medieval city of Rouen, preeminent capital of Normandy. Begin with a walking tour through the center of Old Town, where you see the spectacular gothic Notre Dame Cathedral, often painted by Claude Monet, and the famous Gros Horloge, a 16th-century astronomical clock. 

Next, we explore Jewish Normandy through Rouen where unearthed over thirty years ago in the old quarter of the city is the remains of a 12th century Yeshiva (the oldest religious Jewish building found in Europe) and now a unique monument to France’s Jewish history and culture.  In 1976 during restoration work in the courtyard of the old French city of Rouen’s courts of law, workers discovered a series of 12th century rooms that appeared to be of a spiritual dwelling of Jewish origin. Careful archeological and historical analysis revealed it to be an extraordinary discovery not only for the famous French city of Rouen, but for the world. The discovery of a yeshiva suggests that this capital city in spiritual France may have been a religious heritage center of Jewish culture and history, life and learning. While synagogues and small prayer rooms were somewhat commonplace wherever communities of Jews lived, the establishment of a yeshiva in towns or capital cities in France was a far more complex undertaking and would have required the support of many Jewish communities not only to build it, but to maintain and attract scholars and students to that religious heritage center in France. At this time in history Paris, Perpignan and Troyes were major centers of Jewish study. The discovery of this religious spiritual heritage monument in France underscores the role of France as a major center of Jewish learning in Norman Jewish culture and history. France has always been a melting pot, and Normandy is no different.   Jews arrived in Normandy before the advent of Christian rule, accompanying the Romans after the conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar. The Romans gave the Jews religious, cultural and economic freedom. 

The main street of the Jewish community was called vicus judaerorum (Jews Way) and it was here that the small Jewish community lived and did business. Located within the walls of this religious spiritual heritage site in France, the vicus judaerorum (which was not a ghetto as we understand the word because the Jewish population was free to mix with the local pagan and later Christian population) extended beyond Normandy’s boundaries. 

As part of our program, we will have the opportunity to meet and speak with today’s Jewish community, leaders and synagogue of Rouen which numbers approximately 700 people living in a city of approximately 115,000, many of whom are emigres from Algeria and Tunisia. 

This afternoon we set sail to the picturesque coastal village of Vernon. 

Day 7: Tuesday: Vernon

In a region rich in visual treasures, it’s easy to understand why this part of France inspired paintings by many of history’s most famous artists. 

Today we visit Giverny and Monet’s former residence and gardens. Admire the beauty of the landscape as you walk the paths exploding with color and life. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can explore by bike, with a guided cycling tour. 

Afternoon Concert: Built into a steep rock face overlooking the mighty Seine River and the small village bearing the same name, Château de La Roche Guyon is a sight to behold. The château dates back to medieval times and you’ll experience the opulence and grandeur of yesteryear as you enjoy here a live classical concert. 

This evening we will arrive back to Paris with a spectacular up-close cruise around the Eiffel Tower for that perfect picture and a perfect end to a perfect vacation! 

Day 8: Wednesday: Paris - Disembark
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July 6-13, 2022


Our all-inclusive program provides delicious Glatt Kosher cuisine, on-board synagogue with daily minyanim, engaging lectures and on-board programming, and local tours of Normandy that allow you to explore the area’s history and Jewish heritage.



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Our all-inclusive river cruise vacation includes daily tours at each of our ports of call.

Cruise Tour

  • July 6 (We) Paris: 4:00pm check-in 
  • July (Th): Conflans 
  • July 8 (Fr): Honfleur 
  • July 9 (Sa): Honfleur – Shabbat 
  • July 10 (Su): Caudebec-En-Caux 
  • July 11 (Mo): Rouen 
  • July 12 (Tu): Vernon, Paris 
  • July 13 (We): Paris: Disembark 

* Please note mooring and casting off times are only guidelines. We reserve the right to make changes to the itineraries and excursion programs. If due to low or high water or a defective ship a section of the river is closed to travel, the ship-owner reserves the right to transport guests along this section by bus, accommodate them in hotels and /or change the course of this part of the journey. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to transfer to another ship. These situations are rare but do happen from time to time and are all part of riverboat vacations. There’s nothing anyone can do to control mother nature.

Air Booking

For those who need assistance with booking your air please call us and we can supply you the contact information for an outside air agent. Please note there will be a ticket issue fee of $50 per person for this service.

Embarkation & Disembarkation

Embarkation (July 6 Paris): 

Clients will be able to check-in and board in Paris beginning at 16:00. Guest who arrive earlier may leave their luggage at reception beginning at 13:00 but will not be able to check-in or receive their cabin until 16:00. Paris Airport is approximately 45 minutes from city center and pier. Scheduled group airport transfers are included in the price of your tour on July 6. 

Disembarkation (July 13 Paris): 

Boat will arrive Paris at approximately 21:00 on July 12. Clients will be required to disembark by 9:30a on July 13. We can assist in pre-arranged transfers from boat to local destinations, scheduled group airports are included in the price of your tour on July 13. 

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*The Diamond is equipped with an elevator for easy access between decks

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