MEKONG River Cruise - Vietnam & Cambodia 2020

Gay Vegan Departure With Special Guest and Group Leader Sean O’Callaghan (aka Fat Gay Vegan)!


The Tour

In a world where so much history is confined to books, they are inspired by a place where history, tradition and culture live, breathe and prosper. This is not to say these nations are not developing, on the contrary, Vietnam, in particular, is thought by many as a sleeping giant with the potential to emulate a global economic presence. No, these nations have much to offer the world, however they are doing so with grace and absolute respect to their ancestors. There is a definitive Buddhist influence in this region, and you can feel the history, respect and teachings of the past playing a vital role in developing the future.

Vietnam and Cambodia play the role of muse to any artist. There is so much to inspire. Perhaps it’s the steam and aroma wafting from a street stall, while an elderly woman in a conical hat slowly stirs her magical elixir. Or perhaps it’s the intimidating presence of Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, a monument to man’s imagination and engineering feats. This is a region rich in history and lore.

Mention Cambodia and the name Angkor Wat usually is the first thing associated with the country. However, it is Cambodia’s rich cultural history, glorious civilization and turbulent modern times are but some of the reasons that draw curious travelers to this land. Through it all, the one constant is the Khmer people – ever calm, polite and warm, always smiling and dignified. Contemporary Cambodia is the successor state to the mighty Khmer empire, which, during the Angkorian period, ruled much of what is now Southeast Asia. The once great Khmer Civilization had declined over five centuries ago, but we still see its evidence today in the form of the sprawling Angkor temple complex, wide roads and ancient edifices.

This region is a storyteller’s dream that Vegan Culinary Cruises looks forward to sharing this unique part of the world with you!

The Journey

Vegan Culinary Cruises Vietnam & Cambodia Mekong river cruise is one of our most exotic and unforgettable journeys. Marvel at ancient temples, mist-covered mountains and colorful floating markets along the Mekong River as you travel by luxury river cruise through two of Southeast Asia’s most beautiful countries. Along the way, visit ancient temples & monasteries, royal palaces and pagodas, rural villages and experience first-hand everyday life in this unique part of the world. Our deluxe river cruise ship features delicious regionally-inspired vegan cuisine, spa treatments and a pool on the sun deck so our guests can return to luxury after each exotic adventure.

Our all-inclusive program includes delicious vegan cuisine, thought-provoking lectures, entertainment, and fabulous on-board programming, along with local tours at each locale we visit.

Picture yourself watching the river flow from the window of your cabin or one of the decks as it takes you to new places and reveals storybook landscapes as you relax in total comfort. The sublime ambiance and personal service aboard your Vegan Culinary Cruise ship creates an oasis of relaxation that is simply unexcelled. Each one of the bright, airy cabins has unrestricted views of the scenery through panoramic, glass windows with private balcony that spans the cabin’s width. Experience travel like you never have before with the sheer ease of river transport!

The Ship

The Jayavarman: Inspired by the serenity and artistry associated with this great Khmer monarch, The Jayavarman’s design was also influenced by the French cruise liner Normandie, which launched in 1935. Travelling the Mekong between My Tho [the commercial port near Ho Chi Minh City] and Siem Reap, Cambodia, the Jayavarman marries the art deco charm of 1930’s France with the romance of Indochina. Measuring 57.8 meters/190 feet from bow to stern, the Jayavarman holds only 25 elegantly decorated cabins for an exclusive journey for only 50 passengers.

Thanks to its intricate woodcarvings, Khmer bas-reliefs and Vietnamese lacquer paintings, this impressive cruise ship resembles a floating art gallery. Wherever you look, guests are reminded of the local arts and culture.

With three-and-a-half decks, the Jayavarman is as spacious as it is beautiful. Guests can admire Khmer artifacts in the Henry Mouhot Lounge, mingle in the Club 1930 Bar, dine in the elegant Indochina Dining Hall, and recharge with spa treatments in the Apsara Spa. A Jacuzzi is located on the top Sun Deck, which offers spectacular views of the passing delta.

Along with its peaceful beauty, the Mekong Delta is known for its friendly locals. The crewmembers of The Jayavarman are no exception. From the moment you board, guests are made to feel at home. Offering exceptional service, comfort and style, The Jayavarman is a name to remember. This beautiful vessel is an unforgettable means of exploring some of the finest scenery in Asia.

Life Aboard the Jayavarman

Life on the Jayavarman is one luxurious experience after another. Allow us to paint – in your mind’s eye – the picture of romance, majesty and mystery that becomes you when you board the Jayavarman. You step out on to your private balcony, sipping your cocktail made with fruit from the land that envelops you.

The sun sets gently, and the charming countryside becomes a silhouette shining on the river. You soon realize that you’ve never been in a place so peaceful and so serene, occasionally punctuated by a child’s raucous laughter ringing from a nearby village. Darkness descends, signaling the time for a traditional Southeast Asian inspired kosher feast. Our menus, created by our master kosher chef Malcolm Green, highlight the region we travel and served by waiters who, by now, have become your friends. They are a tad shy yet they are proud to put on display their traditional attire and share their culture with you.

After a night’s sleep, the soft rays of the sun warm your face. Thai Chi lessons await you on the upper Sundeck, ready to connect you to the energy that is so plentiful in this cultured and spiritual place. At every corner, every river bend aboard this luxurious and majestic ship, new sights and new experiences are ready and waiting to be found.


  • French-Colonial with Khmer artifacts
  • 25 cabins (three categories – exclusive cruising for only 50 participants)
  • Indochine Dining Hall
  • Club 1930 Funnel Bar & Lounge
  • Henry Mouhot Lobby Lounge with Boutique Shop
  • Apsara Spa
  • Sundeck with Jacuzzi
  • Wi-Fi

Henry Mouhot Lobby Lounge: Named after the French archeologist who discovered the Angkor temple complex, the Henry Mouhot Lounge is the perfect place to curl up with a book or an e-book as. It is Wi-Fi connected. The lounge also hosts the boutique shop and the reception. The Lounge has a decidedly scholarly air about it – dark furniture with harmonious Asian fabrics, a fine smell of teak wood; white ceiling and rose-painted walls together with a bunch of stunning Khmer artifacts bring back memories of the past French Colonial era.

Club 1930 Funnel Bar & Lounge: Be transported back to 30s and 40s in our Club 1930 Bar and Funnel Lounge. The bar has a warm classical feel and the lounge is spacious and airy. Observe the passing landscape from your dark-wood colonial styled and cushion filled chaise longue or sink in your comfy cane chair for a quick snooze.

Indochina Dining Hall: It is difficult not to be wowed by the Indochina Dining Hall. Your sumptuous breakfast spread is lit by the early morning rays of the sun. The hall is lit by natural light during day and romantic with its antique ceiling lights in the evening. It offers free style seating and food is served via buffet or set menu with some breakfast’s service on your private balcony as was sail.

Pricing from: $5790pp/dbl

Dates: 7/2/20 to 7/11/20

Optional Pre -Tour Siem Reap Cambodia – 3 Days

SCHEDULE – Cruise Tour

Optional Siem Reap Cambodia Pre-Tour

    • Day 1 – Thursday July 2 – Siem Reap – Arrive transfer to hotel
    • Day 2 – Friday July 3 – Siem Reap area tour
    • Day 3 – Saturday July 4 – Siem Reap morning area tour, afternoon transfer to ship at Kampong Cham


      • Day 1 – Saturday July 4 –Afternoon transfer Siem Reap to ship at Kampong Cham
      • Day 2 – Sunday July 5 – Kampong Cham, Angkor Ban, Wat Hanchey – Cambodia
      • Day 3 – Monday July 6 – Kampong Tralach, Kampong Chhnang – Cambodia
      • Day 4 – Tuesday July 7 – Phnom Penh – Cambodia
      • Day 5 – Wednesday July 8 – Tan-Chau, My An Hung – Border crossing Vietnam
      • Day 6 – Thursday July 9 – Sa Dec, Binh Thanh Island – Vietnam
      • Day 7 – Friday July 10 –- Cai Be, My Tho – Vietnam
      • Day 8 – Saturday July 12: Ho Chi Min City / Saigon – Vietnam – Disembark

* Please note mooring and casting off times are only guidelines. We reserve the right to make changes to the itineraries and excursion programs. If due to low or high water or a defective ship a section of the river is closed to travel, the ship-owner reserves the right to transport guests along this section by bus, accommodate them in hotels and /or change the course of this part of the journey. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to transfer to another ship.  These situations are rare but do happen from time to time and are all part of riverboat vacations. There’s nothing anyone can do to control mother nature.

Our luxury Mekong river cruise combines places rarely visited with opulent world heritage sites exploring the wonders and culture of Vietnam and Cambodia

“The Only All Gay – All Vegan Cruise Experience” – all are welcome

Only 25 Cabins – Exclusive Cruising For Only 50 Guests

All Inclusive: Cruise, Delicious Vegan Cuisine, Open Bar, Tours & So Much More!

For 2020 Vegan Culinary Cruises brings to you our luxury-all-inclusive Vietnam & Cambodia Mekong River Expedition. The ultimate, most in-depth and relaxing way of experiencing this part of the world!

Sample Itinerary

Siem Reap Pre-Tour

Day 1 (Thursday): Siem Reap

Arrive Siem Reap with complimentary airport meet and great and transfer to the world famous Raffels Hotel for check-in and refreshments.  Our program and orientation begin with dinner then a guided tour of the night market.  For those guests arriving on the late evening flights, you will be met and transferred directly to the hotel.

Day 2 (Friday): Siem Reap – Angkor Wat & Ta Prohm

Today we begin our tour with the visit to Angkor Wat, one of the modern wonders of the world. Be amazed by the sheer size of the temple and learn how the Khmer Empire prospered between the 9th and 13th centuries, around the time when Angkor Wat was built. Stroll through the intricately carved hallways that show hundreds of fine carvings and discover small shrines still in use today by the local people.

12:00 back to the hotel for lunch and relax before going back out at 13:30 to visit the world-famous masterpieces that are Ta Prohm. Enter Ta Prohm by the west gate and be amazed by its detailed and refined bas-reliefs along with the presence of giant trees and roots that are slowly taking over the stones. Return to hotel by 17:00

After dinner we will depart for the famous Phare Circus 19:45. Phare Circus works mainly with disadvantaged young people. They learn circus skills, theatre performance, music and a range of visual arts. It combines local traditions with new creative and innovative genres. Daring athleticism is combined with stories that speak powerfully to Cambodia’s not-too-distant history; for example, escape from tyranny is depicted through tightrope walking. The dark subject of a young girl trying to deal with memories of atrocities, is depicted by breathtaking acrobatics in which seemingly impossible goals are achieved. More than simply a circus, Phare is an amazing blend of traditional and modern theatre, music, dance, acrobatics, juggling and contortion beautifully choreographed and performed in a story about Cambodian lives and society. Return to our hotel 21:00

Day 3 (Saturday) Angkor Thom tour, transfer to ship at Kampong Cham

This morning we explore the ancient walled city of Angkor Thom, the former great capital of the Khmer Empire from late 12th century until its ultimate decline in the 15th century. Inside the compound, you will be able to visit some of the most mysterious and fascinating structures of the Angkor complex. Start this morning entering the city by the impressive 23-meter-high South Gate and head to Bayon temple. With its 37 towers and enigmatic smiling faces, it is one of the most emblematic temples. Once your guide has shared with you its knowledge and secrets, continue to Baphuon and learn more about the gigantic project of conservation it has undergone to get back at its monumental appearance. Then join the Terrace of Elephants and the Terrace of the Leper King via Phimeanakas, a small yet wonderful temple hidden in a multi-century old forest behind the terraces.

Late morning, we will meet back at our hotel those guests just arriving and travel overland south to the town of Kampong Cham where our ship awaits us. The transfer through the local countryside takes about 4 hours; box lunch, snacks and beverages are provided during the trip. Upon arrival you check in to your well-prepared staterooms then make yourself familiar with all facilities onboard and take some rest before dinner and orientation.

After dinner we learn more about the education of the young Cambodian generation (NGO project). The children join us on board, always excited to show their skills in music and art. Be sure to be bathed in smiles upon your applause. Late evening our lounge cinema features selected classic movies (every night).

Day 4 (Sunday) Kampong Cham - Oknha Tey - Kampong Chhnang

Every morning, our Tai Chi class on the sun deck will give you energy for the day ahead. Breakfast is served in the dining hall. This morning we tour the rural Angkor Ban village where time stands still. We are transported back a hundred years into an era unsullied by modernity. The houses here are truly rustic, made by hand and without any concrete. But most of all, we feel overwhelmed by the unbridled warmth of the villagers. Back on board a Monks’ blessing ceremony will deliver spirits and wishes for health and prosperity for all.

Enjoy your lunch as we set sail downstream the Mekong. In the afternoon a High Tea is offered, and our staff is keen to show you the variety of traditional Khmer fashion. We arrive at the Island of Koh Oknha Tey. This spot in the middle of the Mekong owns its fame for manufacturing high class silk products. By tuk tuk we explore the island with its workshops and learn how silk is processed from its source, provided by little silkworms, to a final top-quality product made of original Cambodian silk. Guests will have the opportunity to purchase some of these authentic silk products before we get back onboard. After some additional cruising time, we pass the confluence of the Mekong and Tonle Rivers as the boat anchors near Kampong Chhnang. Have a fresh drink before dinner and marvel at the amazing marshlands of this beautiful region.

Day 5 (Monday) Kampong Chhnang - Kamp. Tralach - Phnom Penh

Wake up early to witness this spectacular scenery at the break of dawn. Our morning Tai Chi class offers the perfect scenery today. Breakfast buffet is served in the dining hall. We are now
in Kampong Chhnang, Cambodia’s “water world”, where everything is on sticks balanced on water rich soil. We take a local boat to the shore then by mini buses we head to a rural village for our walking tour. Our guides introduce you to the village specialties – Khmer style pottery and the making of palm sugar. Before returning to the boat, we explore the floating villages and wetlands of the region then back on board for lunch while the cruise continues with a languid meander along the Tonle River which glides through leafy swaths of the Southeast Asian jungle before reaching Kampong Tralach.

At Kampong Tralach we are greeted by cacophonous sounds of children who wave enthusiastically from the rivers edge as they bring their livestock for a bath in the River. Our afternoon excursion begins with a visit to the local schoolhouse and talk with the kids; they are very eager to practice their English. To return to the boat experience something we are quite sure you have never done – riding ox carts through the local villages.

After some additional cruising time the boat arrives at the pier of Phnom Penh. Feel free to have your first exploration by yourself after dinner. Stroll along the river promenade and watch the locals chit-chatting, selling odds and ends or have a drink in one of the numerous bars (kindly inform our crew once you are leaving the ship on your own).

Day 6 (Tuesday) Phnom Penh

Welcome to Phnom Penh – the once called Paris of the East. Despite its rapid development, it has retained a lot of its rustic charm and elegance. It is an amazing town with centuries of incredible history and culture which can still be felt at many street corners. We start with a full sight-seeing tour right after breakfast. By bus we visit the Killing Fields at the outside of the city and afterwards the centrally located prison “S21”. Both historic sites display the sad and cruel chapter of Khmer history when the Khmer Rouge ruled the country with terror and suppression. Those places have not changed much since this horrific time back in the early seventies and it can be quite heartbreaking. Alternatively, you can explore the city in the morning by your own before re-joining the group for lunch on-board.

Our exploration of Phnom Penh continues with a fascinating cultural heritage program. The golden edifice of the Royal Palace with its Silver Pagoda and the exceptional Khmer crafts at the National Museum are our afternoon highlights. The day trip ends with a “cyclo” ride back to the ship through the bustling streets of downtown Phnom Penh.

Take some rest in your spacious cabin or join other fellow passengers at the bar for refreshing drinks before our captivating evening activities start.

The dinner on the sun deck is accompanied with an Apsara dance performance. You have to witness the brilliance and richness of this dance along with the soothing sounds of Cambodia’s traditional music. As the evening unwinds, enjoy dinner with a good glass of wine and marvel at the skyline of Phnom Penh, and the calming flow of the Tonle River.

Day 7 (Wednesday) Phnom Penh - Border Crossing - Tan Chau

Early morning, we cast off as we make our way down river to the Vietnam border. After breakfast we gather at the lounge for a captivating lecture about Cambodian modern history, held by a professor of the Royal University of Phnom Penh. The rest of the morning is at leisure to sit back and relax in cruise mode experiencing the therapeutic influence that this mighty river radiates. It is time for massages, relax on a sun bed by the pool, or your own private balcony, watching the wonders and daily life along the mighty Mekong.

After lunch our vegan culinary class is offered, then in the afternoon our guides lead a class to sharpen your knowledge and skills about the local cuisine, language and fashion.

We reach the border and finally arrive in Vietnam. From here it is just a short distance to Tan Chau, a pleasant, slow-paced border town with a sizeable Chinese, Kinh and Khmer community. We moor near the city with views on the riverbanks. Dinner will be served then join our evening cinema for another selected classic movie.

Day 8 (Thursday) Tan Chau - My An Hung - Sa Dec

Welcome to the fish sanctuary of Vietnam. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at the dining hall or in the quiet privacy of your balcony. Brace yourself for a tour around Tan Chau, a pleasant, slow-paced town near the Cambodian border with a sizeable Chinese, Kinh and
Khmer community. Once on-shore we hop on “xelois” to explore Tan Chau. A “xeloi” is a local vehicle which is still used as a taxi in this region. We slowly move around the streets to see all the workshops, houses and domiciles. Get to feel the laid- back vibes of this off-the-beaten-path region. We stop at the colorful, local market near one of the town’s temples. This is the best time to interact with the vendors of this friendly town and try your hand at bargaining. Next, we board our local boats and cruise among the floating houses of this region.

Back on board before lunch is served. You may like to pamper yourself with a spa treatment or take a dip into the pool on the sun deck. Our expert guides offer a presentation on the “Life on the Mekong Delta” as the ship continues to My An Hung near the Sa Dec province.

This afternoon we will set off for the My An Hung Village. At the village we receive wonderful insights into the private household of a local Vietnamese family. We are allowed to visit their vegetable garden and access the seasonal vegetable fields via crossing a monkey bridge. We are invited to their house for a Vietnamese tea and exotic local fruit tasting. Next a local dance troop performs for us a typical traditional dragon dance unique to this area.

As the sun sets and the light bathes everything golden, we settle on a riverbank gathering with cocktails and river side dance party. Back on the ship we cruise downstream, refresh yourself and get ready for dinner. The ship moors mid-river near Sa Dec.

Day 9 (Friday) Binh Thanh Island - Cai Be - My Tho

In the morning we arrive at the island of Binh Thanh. After breakfast we embark on a local boat for a visit of the Island. Binh Thanh is one of the larger islands in the vast stream of the Mekong. Some communities have settled here and make their living by growing water hyacinths. We explore this area off-the-beaten-path by wandering through a local village to get a true understanding of the area’s native life. Everyday life here includes the entire process of their traditional mat making. Try some weaving yourself with some instruction from the locals. We will also meet an older local couple who will share their story of life on this island from childhood, to memories of the war, to today’s globalization of Vietnam and its effect on local life. Back on-board lunch is served, then an early afternoon at leisure as we cruise along the Mekong. In the early afternoon we arrive in Cai Be, a charming town which is famous for its Catholic French church and their manufacturing of traditional crafts and food products. The floating market of Cai Be is getting smaller every year, since trading on the water is shifting more and more to the modern central markets. We can still see some boat to boat trading of local goods, such as fruits and agricultural products. Our guide will explain all the particulars of this long-lasting trading culture. Each boat has a special marker that lets buyers know what goods they are selling. Afterwards we go on-shore to visit a workshop where we learn how rice paste, rice paper, rice cookies and rice wine is manufactured. Cai Be and its surrounding areas are covered by coconut trees and hence the region is also famous for the production of coconut candies. The city is crisscrossed by many water canals. By local boat we will explore the lush and green canal network and observe the farmers working in the fields. As the sun sets, our crew invites you to a farewell event. Before dinner, enjoy a dance party and music together with the crew. After dinner we have our closing ceremony and presentation as the ship moors at My Tho.

Day 10 (Saturday) My Tho – Saigon

Enjoy your last breakfast aboard then at 9:00 we will disembark the ship with a bus transfer from My Tho to the drop off point in Saigon. It is only around 70 kilometers on the highway. You will arrive in Saigon by mid-morning where taxis can be arranged to your local hotels or have the option to be transfer directly to the airport.

* Please note mooring and casting off times are only guidelines. We reserve the right to make changes to the itineraries and excursion programs. If due to low or high water or a defective ship a section of the river is closed to travel, the ship-owner reserves the right to transport guests along this section by bus, accommodate them in hotels and /or change the course of this part of the journey. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to transfer to another ship.  These situations are rare but do happen from time to time and are all part of riverboat vacations. There’s nothing anyone can do to control mother nature.

Mekong Cruise Pricing

Superior Stateroom – 11 Cabins

Located on the main deck, the 12 Superior Staterooms (4 twin, 8 double). The large floor to ceiling panoramic glass doors open to the balcony. Measuring a total space of 21sqm / 227 sq ft plus balcony 5 sqm / 54 sq ft with 2 chairs and table, the superiors are appointed with wooden, white furniture supported complemented with Asian ornaments and fine-art paintings on the walls and ceilings.

Price: $5790 pp/dbl

Single Supplement: + 50% of cruise cost

Boa Dai – Signature State Room – 1 Cabin

The Bao Dai – Signature Stateroom is 27sqm / 300 sq ft in total plus a “private” bow balcony 5 sqm / 54 sq ft with 2 chairs and table. A large royal dark wood king bed dominates the room. Walls come in a soft saffron tone and are decorated with Vietnamese designed artifacts.

Price: $7990 pp/dbl

No Single Supplement available

Deluxe Stateroom – 11 Cabins

Located on the upper deck and with a floor space of 24sqm/ 260 sq ft plus balcony 5 sqm / 54 sq ft with 2 chairs and table, the 11 Deluxe Staterooms (3 twin, 8 double, 1 connecting) with its own balcony. The very warm tone of the cabin designed with dark weighty antique furniture or the handmade, rustic copper sink in the bathroom, bring back the feeling of the 1930s Indochine lifestyle.

Price $6690 pp/dbl

Single Supplement: + 50% of cruise cost

The Jayavarman – Signature Stateroom – 1 Cabin

The Jayavarman – Signature Stateroom is a 30sqm / 323 sq ft large cabin including a “private” bow balcony 5 sqm / 54 sq ft with 2 chairs and table. This Signature cabin is dedicated to the Khmer culture. The most stunning facility is the solid-wood and king-size four-poster bed with an impressive olive colored gypsum artwork at the bed-head displaying an Apsara Dancer.

Price: $7990 pp/dbl

No Single Supplement available

Siem Reap Pre-Tour Extension – The Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor

Set across from the Royal Palace, is one of the landmark historic hotels of the legendary Grand Tour of Indochina. Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor first opened its doors in 1932 but the legend lives on today after careful restoration. The hotel is rich in Cambodia history and full of original treasures, right down to the original working cage elevator in the lobby. Our doorman still welcomes everyone in a uniform inspired by the Royal Palace.

With the privilege of over 15 acres of beautifully landscaped French gardens and built around the country’s largest swimming pool, the hotel is a peaceful oasis to which to retreat after exploring the temples in the UNESCO World Heritage site only 10 minutes from the hotel. Relax and revitalize under the fragrant frangipani trees beside the magnificent pool inspired by Angkorian architecture or enjoy a massage in the spa to ease away the travel.

State Room

Room Size: 344 Sqft / 32 Sqm – $1490 pp/dbl

Single Supplement: $290

State Rooms offer a blend of colonial charm and modern comfort. With a choice of king or twin beds, all rooms are beautifully appointed with air-conditioning, overhead fans and windows that open for fresh air. Some State Rooms have balconies overlooking our gardens or swimming pool, whilst others have a daybed for relaxation. All State Rooms feature a separate bathtub and shower.

Landmark Room

Room Size: 388 Sqft / 36 Sqm – $1790 pp/dbl

Single Supplement: $390

Landmark Rooms, first designed in 1932, are decorated with memorabilia and artifacts reminiscent of the Golden Age of Travel. With a choice of king or twin beds, the Angkorian ambience is completed with high ceilings, wooden floors, historic marble bathrooms with shower/bath and hand-crafted four-poster beds. Rooms feature a balcony with table and chairs that look out onto the pool, the Royal Gardens, or the hotel’s lush, landscaped gardens.

*Suite & Villas available upon request

Booking: To make a reservation please click on the registration buttons below and fill out the on-line tour registration forms. Once we receive your initial electronic registration, we will send via email or post mail your final registration forms to printed, filled out and signed then retuned via fax, email scan or post mail with your initial deposit. If you need assistance with your reservation, please call us and we can do so over the phone.

Due to limited space on our cruises, reservations can only be guaranteed with a deposit of $1000 upon. Final payment must be received no later than 120 days prior to departure or booking is subject to cancellation and payments forfeited and non-transferable. Deposit may be made with credit card, check, wire, or bank transfer. Final payments can only be made by check, wire or bank transfer. We highly recommend all passengers take out travel insurance at time of initial booking.

What’s included?

Your Vegan Culinary Cruise Bonus:

  • One all-inclusive price, including tax and touring
  • Experience: Over 30 years of running memorable all-inclusive, activity-oriented culinary travel programs and cruises
  • Expert daily lectures on area history and heritage
  • Guided touring at our ports of call

Included features:

  • Delicious All-Vegan dining, with all meals included (buffet breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, cakes & tea, dinner and midnight snack) in the elegant Panorama-Restaurant, which accommodates all guests in one seating
  • Touring: Guided touring at our ports of call with our Vegan Culinary Cruise leaders
  • Use of all ship-board amenities and programming (some for an additional fee)
  • Music performances and on-board entertainment
  • Included features as specified in the itinerary (incl.)
  • Services of experienced cruise directors and Vegan Culinary Cruise staff throughout the cruise
  • $150 per person ship credit
  • 8-night / 9-day cruise accommodation in outside balcony stateroom,
  • Airport transfers
  • Meet & greet arrival Siem Reap Airport, Cambodia Pre-Tour program July 2 or cruise Departure July 4
  • Airport return Ho Chin Min City, Vietnam airport July 11
  • Siem Reap Extension: 2-nights’ accommodation at the world-famous Raffles Grand Hotel, all activities, touring and all meals

What’s not included?

  • Airfare: Group air departing and arriving from the same gateway can be arranged through our air desk, please call for details.
  • Gratuities ($150 per person will be invoiced and given directly to the crew and guides), tour extension gratuities $40pp per extension
  • Optional guided tours
  • Miscellaneous on-board services and amenities
  • Pre / post cruise tours
  • Port fees $65 pp
  • Visas – will help all guests obtain please call for details.

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