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The Journey: A complete network of canals spreads across the Netherlands and Belgium, lending this part of Europe its distinctive charm – and by luxury Riverboat, is the most glorious way of discovering this region where a true wonderland of water, tulips and windmills unfolds before you. From enchanting sleepy historical towns like Ghent, Bruges and Middleburg, to thriving modern centers like Rotterdam, Antwerp and Amsterdam; from famous windmills and canals to timeless bridges and unique architectural styles, are all just waiting for you to discover them on this luxurious Kosher River Cruise!​

Jewish Netherlands:The Jewish presence in the Netherlands (Holland & Belgium) began, and nearly ended, in tragedy: The first Jews came with the Roman conquest then again after being expelled from Spain, and the huge community was decimated 350 years later by the Holocaust. In between, Dutch Jews contributed to one of the most prosperous and enlightened eras in the history of the Netherlands. The history of Jews in the Netherlands was different than their experience in any other country, while in general, European Jews isolated themselves economically and socially as well as politically, the Jews of the Netherlands enjoyed, as early as the seventeenth century, economic and social integration that the rest of European Jewry would not know for hundreds of years. During the Holocaust there was a concerted effort by Jewish leaders to preserve Dutch Judaism, which was still decimated by deportations. Today, the Jewish community of the Netherlands numbers at approximately 30,000.

Join Kosher River Cruises as we explore the regions unique Jewish history and heritage as we immerse ourselves in the wonders of the Netherlands as we travel in luxury through its stunning, off-the-beaten-path, picturesque waterways


Day 1: (Mo) Amsterdam

Enjoy a welcome reception and dinner aboard the luxurious Amadeus Queen. During dinner we enjoy a scenic cruise around the beautiful city of Amsterdam as a backdrop. What a magical start to your cruise! After dinner we gather together for an after-dinner toast and orientation preparing us for the coming weeks adventure. Then to cap it all off a Traditional Shanty Choir performance onboard makes a perfect beginning to your journey.


Day 2: (Tu) Amsterdam

After a restful night on board, set off to see the sights of one of the most unique cities in Europe. Beautiful bridges connect numerous parts of the city, which is divided by hundreds of canals and waterways, lined with 17th century architecture. Our morning will be spent exploring the wonders of Amsterdam both old and new.

After lunch onboard we begin our Jewish tour of Amsterdam. The area between Nieuwmarkt and Plantage was historically known as Jodenbuurt (the Jewish Quarter). This neighborhood contains many historically important buildings that are currently preserved and managed by The Jewish Cultural Quarter, an organization that is dedicated to the conservation of Jewish culture within Amsterdam. Our stops include The Portuguese Synagogue; built in the late 17th century by Amsterdam’s Sephardic Jewish population. During this period, many Jewish people fled from the Iberian Peninsula to escape persecution and settled in the Dutch Republic, partly due to the country’s liberal religious laws. The Portuguese Synagogue is still an important place of worship and contains one of the oldest Jewish libraries in the world, The Ets Haim Library.

Return back to our ship for our famous talk & tea lecture program with our scholars in residence or take time to explore Amsterdam at leisure on your own. During dinner our vessel departs Amsterdam to our next port of call. After dinner is our daily port talk and orientation to prepare us for our next day’s adventure followed by our KRC entertainers.

  • Afternoon Talk & Tea Lecture Series
  • Evening Port Talk
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Morning guided tour
  • Afternoon guided tour
  • Afternoon Talk & Tea Lecture Series
  • Evening Port Talk
  • Evening Entertainment
Day 3: (We) Antwerp

Discover Antwerp, one of Europe’s largest ports. Our tour will take us through the attractive old center of the city; on our afternoon Jewish Heritage Tour we visit the thriving “Jewish Antwerp,” considered the last real shtetl in western Europe. It is well known for its large Orthodox community and its connection to the diamond industry.   

  • Afternoon Talk & Tea Lecture Series
  • Evening Port Talk
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Morning guided tour 
  • Afternoon guided tour 
  • Afternoon Talk & Tea Lecture Series 
  • Evening Port Talk 
  • Evening Entertainment 
Day 4: (Th) Bruges & Ghent

Bruges is one of Belgium’s best kept secrets and a  famous World UNESCO site. Due to the canal system the city is known as the “Venice of the North” and is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The historic marketplace. In the center of old Bruges, is cradled by the river Reie and was recognized as cultural world heritage site by UNESCO. As you walk along the maze of winding, cobbled alleys and romantic canals, you will be transported to medieval times. Besides various other sights, we explore the market, the ‘Burg’ a highlight of our excursion to Bruges.

In the afternoon we begin our guided walking tour of Ghent, one of Belgium’s most attractive cities, with its rich heritage of medieval buildings. You will see the fortress “Gravensteen” which was built in the 12th century by the Count of Flanders after he returned from his crusades. Today, Gravensteen is one of the biggest moated castles within Europe. During the tour you will also walk through the beautiful city center and see the belfry, a medieval bell tower with 54 bells.

  • Afternoon Talk & Tea Lecture Series
  • Evening Port Talk
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Morning guided tour 
  • Afternoon guided tour 
  • Afternoon Talk & Tea Lecture Series 
  • Evening Port Talk 
  • Evening Entertainment 
Day 5: (Fr) Veere & Middleburg

Today we discover Veere, a delightful picturesque historical village built on the shore of the Western Schedlt.  oday we discover Veere, a delightful picturesque historical village built on the shore of the Western Schedlt.  

Veere obtained city rights in 1353. It was once a fishing town, but the small marina is now used for pleasure yatchs and is dotted with small boutiques great for exploring and shopping.  Every house in the town is an attraction in itself. Some houses on the Markt (town square) even have miniature version of classical palace gardens. The most eye-catching buildings is of course the town hall, erected in 1474 with its 48-bell carillon.  Facing the marina, the 15th-century Scottish House reminds us that Veere used to be a staple port for the wool trade with Scotland between 1541 and 1799.  The waterfront has retained its dyke, once part of the fortifications, as the cannon witnesses, with the Campveerse Toren as the last “brick-and-mortar” remain of the city defenses.  

Return to our ship and prepare for a special Kosher River Cruise Shabbat all together docked in Middleburg.  

• Afternoon guided tour 
• Lecture series 
• Kosher culinary classes 
• KRC Shabbat program 

Day 6: (Sa) Middleburg

Morning of Shabbat programming docked in the picturesque town of Middleburg with all our old and new friends.

In the afternoon we have developed a truly unique Shabbat friendly guided walking tour as we explore the town of Middleburg. Our tour includes a guided tour of the town and visit with the local Jewish community including The Middelburg Synagogue, a red brick building with arched windows originally built in 1705; is the oldest synagogue in the Netherlands outside of Amsterdam. During World War II the German occupiers used it as a warehouse then badly damaged by a British shell during the liberation and fell into ruin after the war. A foundation was set up for its reconstruction, and the building was restored in 1994 and is currently used again as a synagogue. The Portuguese-Jewish Cemetery, located on. Jodengang (Jews’ Walk), was established in 1655 and used until 1721. Declared a national monument, it was restored in 1997-1998.

After a magical Havdalah we depart and set sail to Rotterdam.

  • KRC Shabbat Program
  • Guided Afternoon Walking Tour
  • Afternoon Talk & Tea Lecture Series
  • Evening Port Talk
  • Evening Entertainment
Day 7: (Su) Rotterdam

On today’s return to the Netherlands, experience a scenic morning sailing to relax and take in the beautiful countryside before our mid-day arrival at another major port city – Rotterdam.

This vibrant city has a strong maritime history as well as bold, modern, architecture. Nearby, the historic windmills of Kinderdijk are a good example of the rich history of the Netherlands and are in contrast to the modern city.

In the afternoon we complete our exploration of the Netherlands with “iconic Holland” with an Excursion to Kinderdijk. The Netherlands are famous for its windmills. Today the country still boasts more than 1,000 mills, and the largest concentration can be found near Kinderdijk. No less than 19 sturdy mills were built here around 1740 and they have been well preserved up to the present day. After a short drive from Rotterdam, during this excursion, you will see how a windmill works, why they were used, and how they have been replaced by modern pump stations. Get a glimpse of the old mills while walking along a private miller’s path and hear the miller explain the workings of the mill to you.

We return to our ship in the late afternoon where you have the options to explore Rotterdam on your own before our delicious farewell gala dinner and evening entertainment.

Later this evening, the vessel sets off for its final port of call – Amsterdam.

  • Afternoon Talk & Tea Lecture Series
  • Evening Port Talk
  • Evening Entertainment
  • Afternoon guided tour
  • Lecture series
  • Kosher culinary program
  • Farewell dinner & program
Day 8: (Mo) Amsterdam

After breakfast, we bid you farewell. We hope to welcome you back again soon!

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August 21-28, 2023


Our all-inclusive program provides delicious Glatt Kosher cuisine, on-board synagogue with daily minyanim, engaging lectures and on-board programming, and local tours of the region that allow you to explore the area’s history and Jewish heritage.



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Our all-inclusive river cruise vacation includes daily tours at each of our ports of call.

Cruise Tour

  • Day 1  (Mo) Amsterdam
  • Day 2  (Tu) Amsterdam
  • Day 3  (We) Antwerp
  • Day 4  (Th) Bruges & Ghent
  • Day 5  (Fr) Veere & Middleburg
  • Day 6  (Sa) Middleburg
  • Day 7  (Su) Rotterdam
  • Day 8  (Mo) Amsterdam

* Please note mooring and casting off times are only guidelines. We reserve the right to make changes to the itineraries and excursion programs. If due to low or high water or a defective ship a section of the river is closed to travel, the ship-owner reserves the right to transport guests along this section by bus, accommodate them in hotels and /or change the course of this part of the journey. In certain circumstances it may be necessary to transfer to another ship. These situations are rare but do happen from time to time and are all part of riverboat vacations. There’s nothing anyone can do to control mother nature.

Air Booking

For those who need assistance with booking your air please call us and we can supply you the contact information for an outside air agent. Please note there will be a ticket issue fee of $50 per person for this service.

Embarkation & Disembarkation

Embarkation (Amsterdam):

Clients will be able to check-in and board in Amsterdam beginning at 16:00. Guest who arrive earlier may leave their luggage at reception beginning at 13:00 but will not be able to check-in or receive their cabin until 16:00. Amsterdam International Airport is approximately 45 minutes from city center and pier. Scheduled group airport transfers are included in the price of your tour on August 3.

Disembarkation (Amsterdam):

Boat will arrive Amsterdam at approximately 5:30a on August 28. Clients will be required to disembark by 9:30a on August 28. We can assist in pre-arranged transfers from boat to local destinations, scheduled group airports are included in the price of your tour on August 10. We recommend guests schedule departing flight around mid-day to avoid any delays that may occur on day of departure.

Gentle Walkers

We welcome guests with limited mobility but want all guests to understand that challenges will exist both on board and during shore excursions. There are stairs between decks and our ships has an elevator. In addition, there are split-level decks and/or significant thresholds that could make movement difficult. Shore excursions are a mix of walking and bus touring that require movement over cobblestones or up and down stairs. Therefore, a physically challenged guest will require the services of a responsible adult as crew availability is very limited in most circumstances. Motorized scooters are typically not suited and cannot be used on-board. Guests have the option of taking taxis and meeting the group at our designated meeting points to cut down on the amount of walking from site to site. Please note that this is at the expense of the individual guest and must be arranged by guests themselves. The ship’s reception can be of assistance in ordering taxis from the dock.

*The Amadeus Queen is equipped with an elevator for easy access between decks

Security: The safety of our passengers is something we take very seriously, and we consider it our most important responsibility. Our policy is to be in constant contact with local municipalities as to our arrival and departure at our various locations.

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