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The Kosher River Cruise Luxury Experience

All inclusive 5* luxury cruises (entire boat kosher) includes all tours, open bar, fabulous entertainment, lecture programs, special guests, airport transfers, modern kosher cuisine, plus so much more!

Kosher River Cruises combines the luxury and ease of riverboat cruising with exciting and educational land touring and delicious Glatt kosher cuisine. Whether you are interested in discovering Jewish history and heritage along Europe’s waterways or just looking to sit back and relax from the comfort of your floating hotel just watching the scenery pass you by; then this is the tour for you!

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Custom Dates Available

Custom Dates Available

Featured Kosher Recipes

Get the best kosher recipes every week from our Master Chef Malcolm Green

French Apple Flan

French Apple Flan

Flan is a great dessert dish that you can enjoy anywhere, whether you're aboard a luxury cruise or resting indoors. This French Apple Flan recipe is sure to give you a taste of excellence and wonder. My last recipe, for Chicken Tandoori contained the ingredient Alpro...

The Best Tandoori Chicken

The Best Tandoori Chicken

Kosher Recipe by Master Kosher Chef Malcolm Green Tandoori chicken as a dish originated in the Punjab before the independence of India. In the late 1940s, tandoori chicken was popularized at Moti Mahal in the locality of Daryaganj in New Delhi by Kundan Lal Jaggi and...

Boterkoek, Dutch Butter Cake

Boterkoek, Dutch Butter Cake

Kosher Recipe by Master Kosher Chef Malcolm Green My family moved from Germany to Holland in 1670 then onward to the U.K. around 1850/60. During their time in Holland, they absorbed many of the dietary customs of the Netherlands. One of these was the Boterkoek. My...

This Week in Jewish History

Gershom ben Judah, the Light of the Exile

Gershom ben Judah, the Light of the Exile

Our Glatt Kosher holiday cruises have traversed through both physical locales and temporal experiences, plunging the depths of history to better understand the happenings of today. Every now and then we travel to the home city of a great Jewish figure, an authority in...

Illuminations from Catalonia: The Golden Haggadah

Illuminations from Catalonia: The Golden Haggadah

The Haggadah is an interesting part of Jewish history—a manuscript used in the Passover Seder. While Pesach has already concluded this year, the Haggadah remains a fascinating way to learn more about Jewish culture and heritage. There are many Haggadahs that have...


What People are Saying

“BEYOND our expectations”

“We could not believe what we were served. Chef Malcom is a GENIUS!!! Please tell the directors that we do not have words to express how pleased we were. I suppose that we will be recommending you to every friend we know.”

Jose T,  Miami FL, Rhone River Cruise 2019

“Fabulous & flawless service”

“I have been totally spoiled for future vacations. Riverboat is the way to go. I’ve met such nice people, staff was great, food fantastic. A really well run and well thought out trip”

Harriet S

“Another successful experience”

“Our experience was unique in that we were able to tour a lot of territory and a variety of places with minimal inconvenience. The fact that our boat was always with us and there were no long bus rides or waits made this mode of travel extremely enjoyable.”

Micheol R


“It was important that the Kosher River Cruise director was always with us and was ready and willing to make adjustments along the way to keep everything moving smoothly. I would highly recommend Kosher River Cruises and this river cruise as an exceptional vacation experience.” “

Elaine R

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Butternut Squash Gratin

Butternut Squash Gratin

There is some evidence to suggest that a varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables may reduce the risk of osteoporosis. A 2016 study found that diets high in vegetables, as well as those containing beta-carotene, vitamin C, zinc and sodium, were positively associated...

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